What Kind of E-Commerce Video Do You Need?

“I have a solid strategy and a quality product or service. I don’t need video to help sell it.”

This is a common thought of many online entrepreneurs. While it may be true that you have a killer product or service, video is an essential component in your marketing strategy.

With online video accounting for 50% of all mobile traffic, the benefits of video for your company are too massive to ignore: video is persuasive, searchable and builds trust with your target. And its potential is only going to grow. Video advertising on desktop devices alone is expected to grow 21% annually until 2019.

Businesses are already gearing up for the increase of marketing videos. Next year, 96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing. Will you maximize your strategy or fall behind your competitors?

Videos are effective and versatile because they can reach customers at all stages of the buying decision process. People seek video to help influence their buying decisions. Someone may go to a product video to learn more about the product, product reviews, or watch an instructional video to find out how to work their new thingamabob.

What kind of video is the best fit for your company?

The most commonly used e-commerce videos are:

  • Explainer
  • Product
  • Instructional
  • Testimonial
  • Promotion
  • Lifestyle


An explainer video is just a quick introduction to your company. Think of it as your elevator pitch. Something adaptable and memorable. Not only can you upload it for the public, you can also bring it along to meetings or your next pitch.

Sure, you could ramble off a speech, or you can really wow your audience and give them a lasting visual impression. The key takeaway for the audience is your company’s value—how can you help them? Reiterate your audience’s problem and show how you can solve it.

Prepare your explainer video with a simple, concise script. Remember to speak to your audience. Is this for the public to build awareness? Simplify your language and hold a conversational tone. If you’re talking to a CEO, speak formally and keep it informative.

Finally, don’t forget the call-to-action. What do you want the viewer to do? Call your office or download a whitepaper? This connection is most important to your company.

Here is a simple explainer video from Pinterest. Through animation, Pinterest is able to explain what they do in 90 seconds. It’s easy to follow and gives insight to the (then) new social network. 


Product videos are extremely useful for customers because it gives them the chance to interact with your product from all different angles. Product demonstrations show how the product works and its effects. For example, we know how to use most common cleaning products, but in a product video, you can show the results of those products. Product videos are good for grabbing customers once they are interested to demonstrate the benefits.

Below is a thorough product video from RevZilla, a motorcycle accessory retailer. They are great at including product videos with their jackets. These give customers the chance to see the product from all angles and decide if it’s right for them.


Instructional videos can be more in-depth than the average product video. Here, you can go into detail about how to operate your product or service. These videos build trust, loyalty and enforces your credibility.

Troubleshooting videos also fall under this category. By developing a series of how-to or tutorials, you are providing visual support whenever its needed, which goes a long way in turning one-time buyers into lifetime customers.

This instructional video from Pitney Bowes shows how easy it is to use their product through animation.


Ah, yes, the power of word of mouth. Capture it on video! According to Brightlocal, 92% of consumers look for online reviews when deciding whether or not a business is reputable. Trust is important in brand loyalty and building repeat customers. So grab that camera and film those happy customers. A good video personality mixed with the benefits is the best formula for a testimonial video.

This video from Seattle’s travel company captures Seattle through stunning video footage and a testimonial narrative.


Promotion videos showcase your latest specials and sales. Social media loves promotion videos. They’re quick, attention-grabbing and most importantly: shareable. According to Socialbakers, videos receive a 135% increase in organic reach on average when you post a video on Facebook instead of a photo.

Did someone say Disney? Virgin Holidays made this promotion video to encourage people to book their next Disney World trip through their company. What really seals the deal is the enticing 2016 offer.


Lifestyle videos focus on branding. Instead of capturing one item, this is a way to capture the true essence of your brand. Forgo the product features, benefits and selling. Lifestyle videos are all about narrative and emotion. They tap into our natural attraction to storytelling—translating into human connections from your product.

Below is a great lifestyle video by Solo Stove, a lightweight, eco-friendly wood burning stove company. The video embodies that familiar feel-good feeling when we’re surrounded by nature. Their video doesn’t boast of product benefits—they don’t even explicitly advertise their product at all. We see their product used, but the takeaway is the emotion behind the camping trip.

These are some of the most effective videos for marketing. Determine which type is best for your strategy and start filming!

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