How to Get More Subscribers with a Smart Marketing Mix

What is your strategy for gaining more subscribers? If you don’t have a strategy, now’s the time to create one. It’s a crucial component for the cable business. Or any business for that matter. 

With the looming threat of cord-cutters to the cable industry, gathering and retaining cable subscribers can be a challenge. A challenge worth tackling, however.

The best strategy for increasing your subscriber list involves a healthy marketing mix. This mix should include mass media and direct mail as a part of your plan.

Despite what popular outlets warn and millennials claim, potential customers are not going to stop watching TV. Mass media, such as TV or print, can boost your company’s exposure and recruit subscribers. There’s a reason it’s called mass media—it reaches the masses, i.e. your potential subscribers.

TV is one of the stronger components of mass media for cable marketers. According to, 78% of Americans watch local TV and news, while 73% seek the news from networks or cable news channels. TV is definitely still alive and kicking. Create smart spots, utilizing a balance of informative and visual elements.

Next, strongly consider outlining a direct mail strategy. Similarly to TV, direct mail is an effective tool all cable marketers should be utilizing.

Direct mail has two distinct benefits:

  1. Accountability
  2. Measurability

With direct mail, you have the ability to accurately reach your target audience. Find your customers, and speak directly to them. This is especially critical for regional cable companies — mail directly to the residents for the most success. Plus, you only need to pay for those you’re trying to reach — this is a cost-effective win for your company.

Direct mail is also measurable, meaning you can pinpoint your direct mail’s effectiveness. One of the most common ways to analyze success is through A/B testing. With A/B testing, you simply mail out two versions of the same piece with one element that is changed (e.g. a headline or offer) to determine which piece got a better response rate.

And to go along with the tried-and-true method of gaining new customers, provide an offer; something that makes the target want to engage with your company. This can be easily incorporated in your direct mail or TV spot.

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Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles