Video Strategy: Create a First-Rate Commercial with Any Budget

Your business might be drawn to the allure of promoting your services through TV commercials. But there’s probably one thing holding you back: the budget.

You can still push forward. There are plenty of ways to create an impressive commercial on a budget.

If you’re interested in creating a broadcast commercial for your company, but don’t want to break the bank, listen up—the main factors associated with commercial costs are preparation and production.

Below are some helpful steps and guidelines to help affordably broadcast your message to the masses.

Once you identify the type of commercial you’d like to produce, you’ll need to prepare the necessary production costs and account for production time.

What Should You Do First?

Calculate costs and solidify your budget. Keep in mind, the more talent used and the overall person-hours needed will make production cost more.

Getting Ready

Now’s the time to decide on what your commercial will look like. Put together a storyboard as your commercial’s blueprint. Will it require shooting footage? Or can you use existing stock footage or photography? If your commercial needs new content specific to the spot, naturally that will cost more than stock content. Finally, will you need voice talent? These decisions need to be made upfront. In general, the more advance work you do at this stage, the better you will be able to manage your budget and creative goals.

The Big Production

You might imagine a big camera crew with a director calling “Cut!” when you think about producing a commercial. Of course this is a valid way to get the footage and materials you need for your commercial, but there are definitely alternatives. If you do need to shoot custom footage for your project, consider working with an agency or production house. Most will be happy to give you a free quote.

Stock photography and footage are budget-friendly options that expedite the production process. There are many well-known, reputable websites to browse and purchase stock footage, such as Shutterstock or Getty Images. While browsing the footage, you can hover or click on a thumbnail to preview the clip so you can find the best selection for your brand and commercial.

What if You Can’t Shoot Footage or Use Stock Content?

There’s a third option: motion graphics. Motion graphics are digital footage created using illustration programs. Motion graphics are a great way to bring your TV spot to life; they are unique and can be tailored to your brand.  These can be especially useful by adding individuality to your message and making it stand apart from the competition.

Now, you might need someone to read a script—and there are many ways to find and hire voice talent for this. Similar to stock websites, there are service websites with a database full of voiceover talent. If you’re working with an agency, they can work with your budget to secure the best voiceover for your spot. You can listen to past work and explore their portfolio to help make your selection.

Overall, motion graphics aid in showcasing more information while video has the opportunity to highlight more personality.

Spreading the Message

Now that you’ve made a commercial, where should you broadcast it?

Simple: where your target is most likely to see you spot. This allows you to concentrate efforts in your local market or markets, and reach your audience without stretching your budget.

Other factors to consider include length of commercial and time of day the commercial will be aired. Costs for placing commercials vary widely on these variables. Knowing when your target market is most likely to see your spot in action is a very important consideration. Also be sure to consider online when you plan your schedule.

Again, working with an agency that offers media buying service and strategy can help take the hassle out of buying commercial time.

Remember, you should always keep your target audience and objective at the core of your thought process when producing the commercial. What do you want the viewer to do? Give your audience a way to reach you by adding a phone number or website, with an urgent message such as: “Hurry! Call Now!”

With a basic blueprint of your commercial and a good grasp of your budget, your company can benefit from affordable media exposure. And if you’re looking for extra help with video strategy or production, feel free to browse our demo reel.

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