My First Day at Stealth: An Intern’s View

The life of a graduating advertising student is a stressful one.

Finals, papers and massive group projects dominate those precious last weeks. And through the middle of it all we’re expected to write cover letters, set up interviews and land internships?


“But that’s The Biz, bud,” I keep telling myself. Thicken up that skin, beef up that portfolio. Now is the time to hit the ground running and find an agency that (hopefully) likes the way my brain works and (hopefully) wants me on their team.

Luckily for me, I found Stealth Creative. Or rather, Stealth Creative found me.

After meeting one of Stealth’s phenomenal account execs at the bar where I work my night job, a beautiful dialogue opened up between us. I must have said something right, because next thing I knew I was sitting down with the CEO and meeting the creative directors.

Now, classes have all wrapped up and I have somehow crash-landed in the real world. Suddenly, I am sitting at my very own desk, in my very own space, with my very own computer. Today is my first day, and I have already been invited to edit website copy and conceptualize content for Stealth’s website.

Because that is the type of agency that Stealth Creative is. They don’t need to strive to be welcoming and friendly because it is effortless for them. They don’t boast about their extensive, specialized knowledge and experience because it is second nature for them.

They don’t sit around and leave you hanging.

At Stealth Creative, you hit the ground running.

Upon my arrival I was not dismissed as a coffee boy, nor was I asked to walk any dogs (they seem fine just padding around the office!). Instead I am finding real client work in front of my eyeballs—a prospect I was drooling over a few weeks ago in class (because creative ad students are big nerds). Every single person at this agency shook my hand and told me to come by if I had any questions.

Of course, this is common courtesy, and talk is cheap. But here, I feel that it is more than genuine. Here in this office, I feel like I am being lifted onto this whirring, buzzing cloud of positive energy. I feel not alone, and not afraid. And that is a precious feeling when you’re just venturing out into the world.

Good atmosphere, great people, priceless learning opportunities—what else could a lowly intern ask for? Sure, the most important thing I’ve done today was catch a stray period outside of quotation marks. But the fact is, I am already a member of the team. I am already contributing!

Why does Stealth deserve to be your business partner? First and foremost, it’s the people.

They teach us in Marketing 101 all about the 4 P’s: Product, Price, Promotion and Placement.

One wise teacher of mine stressed a fifth element: People.

Sure, it’s great when agencies have a fitness center and a $10,000 dollar wrap-around couch in their lobby. But all of that shtick means nothing if you’re just not on the same wavelength as their personnel.

And that is one area where Stealth excels. There’s a reason I’ve been dying to be a part of this team — this family — since I started my application process.

When you begin your working relationship with Stealth, I guarantee you will feel the same connection. They understand the process of selecting an agency. They understand that you have options.

Or should I say “we”?

We know our clients.

We know how to make it about you.

We know what problems you need solved, and that this world is changing, fast.

We know how to get your message heard, and we fly under the radar while your brand shines.

I think I could get used to this “we” thing. It just sounds right.

Take it from the intern: If Stealth will go this far out of their way to make some snot-nosed-college-brat-who-thinks-he-can-write this comfortable, imagine, dear client, how far Stealth will go for you.

~Jack “The Rookie” Eschmann, Copywriter Intern