What’s the Magic of Media?

If you’re reading this, you already know that commercials don’t just randomly appear on TV. Social media ads and web banners don’t just miraculously sprout up on your phone.

There’s always someone behind the curtain making it happen.

And at Stealth Creative Media, we don’t just throw a plan to the wind and hope something sticks.

We recognize that sound media strategy can work serious magic for our partners—and we have the results to prove it.

Our mantra: To make sure you are seen and heard.
Your success is our success. And it all starts with media.

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A Little About the Magic of Stealth Creative Media

(Without giving away our “secret recipe.”)

Media management is as much art as it is science. Our media experts are entrusted to handle large portions of our clients’ budgets, often on a tight timeline, and must be as good with people as they are with numbers in order to get the best results.

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First Things First.

Media Strategy
If you’re familiar with the term “Media Mix,” this is the stage of the game where we say that a lot. Our goal is to develop the perfect integrated strategy using digital and traditional media, tailored to our partners’ specific needs.

Target Audience Analysis
Obviously, we want your message seen and heard by the people most likely to convert. We can help you target this audience and also identify where you may be missing opportunities to capture new eyes and ears.

Now for the FUN PART.

In terms of actual tactics, we do it all—from print ads to animated web banners. And as a full-service agency, we offer unique expertise when it comes to aligning tactical execution with your strategic goals.

Explore Two Worlds’ Worth of Tactics and Services:

And with Stealth Creative Media, YOU benefit from:

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Decades of media planning and buying chops in markets across the U.S. This includes:

  • More informed buys that deliver your target audience.

  • Category experience including service providers, retail, B2B, packaged goods, and more!
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Strong Negotiating. Whether it’s lowest cost per impression or added value, we know how to get you the most:

  • “Spots and Dots” for your money (in other words, an efficient and robust plan or schedule.)

  • Bonus, or “added value.” Oh yes, we can get a lot more coverage for your media budget—and we know how to squeeze the most value out of our media placements with our vendor-partners without squeezing our relationships with them.

  • Bang for Your Buck. Because we believe in the value of data, we invest heavily in research to deliver better than market pricing.
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Verification, Reconciliation and Vendor Pay Services. We ensure you get the value you pay for, and then some.

  • We have our finger on the pulse of the campaign in terms of impression/spot delivery, bonus weight delivery, where things ran correctly and incorrectly. We schedule regular “reconciliation” meetings with our clients for full transparency.

  • We’ll hold our vendor-partners accountable to ensure you get everything you contracted for.

Let’s SUM IT UP with Some Good (True) Stories

But first, let us stress that we are not trying to be your “hero.” 

  • WE are arm-in-arm partners with our clients.

  • YOU are the ultimate steward of your brand.

  • YOU can be as hands-on as you’d like, OR, we can take as much off of your plate as needed.

    Starting with a solid media plan, we’ll get the results you’re after. Together.

Ready to Make Some MEDIA MAGIC with Us?

We can—and do—offer clients media-only solutions. But as a full-service ad agency, we’re also positioned to give our clients the perfect blend of media expertise and creative execution.