Weekends Only

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Weekends Only was growing fast, having recently added a second store in Indy, and needed an agency that could grow with them as they looked to evolve their brand and start capturing a younger market.

(Plus, their creative may have been getting a little stale.)

What Was Our Approach…

Stealth dove into research to uncover brand perceptions, then created customer personas to help influence messaging and tone. Data helped us understand behavioral characteristics, which were further imported into media preferences.

We learned all the best channels through which to expand Weekends Only’s story of Quality Furniture at the Best Prices—now we just needed the perfect spokespeople to tell that story


Bring the brand into this era and leave what we know works intact.

We brought in new faces, to better reflect our expanded buying demo. We went from showing random pieces, To full vignettes—on TV and In-store. Now, customers could visualize full rooms—and maybe pick up more items than they were originally looking for!

And we upped our social media and digital game, too!

a tan couch with black and white pillows on a orange background for weekends only


Both overall, and in the key demos that were identified in our initial research…

Strenghented year-over-year sales growth

e-commerce presence

and continued to drive traffic digitally.

Weekends Only logo

Weekends Only is a furniture retailer with six stores in St, Louis and two in Indianapolis. With their unique business model of only being open on—you guessed it—weekends, they are able to offer a wide selection of furniture styles while passing their big-time savings on to customers.