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Smart media buying puts our interruptive creative right where ideal buyers are—maximizing every opportunity to grab attention:

It’s old news at this point that Jim Butler is consistently #1 in the region for new Chevy sales, and consistently among the top 25 Chevy dealers in the nation. But once upon a time, their pre-owned sales were lagging behind!

Jim Butler was riding on the success of new sales (with help from spots like you see above) but spotted the need to overhaul their used car sales process and boost awareness of the preowned side of the business. So, boost awareness we did, starting with some wacky concepts like this one: 

What Was Our Approach…

Do what we know works well: Differentiate. The client wanted uniquely creative ideas to help the Jim Butler brand stand out—not only from local competitors, but from national used car advertisers like Carvana and Carmax—positioning them as the best local resource for hassle-free used car buying.

...And Why?

Because it works. It complements Jim Butler’s digital marketing and BDC operations and continues to drive the brand image that we’ve crafted for them. Sales data continued to show Jim Butler dominating in new sales and market share, so it made sense to build up their pre-owned messaging.


A Creative and Media one-two punch! Smart media buying put our interruptive creative right where the ideal buyers would be—maximizing every opportunity, from local news sponsorships, to precise placements on TV days as big as Super Bowl Sunday.

30 and :15 Spots for Broadcast TV, Social Media, Pre-roll – “The Catch,” “Good News” and “Rob Boss” (shown above).

Prioritize Jim Butler’s Unique Selling Points—No Active Recalls, Easy Financing, Selection—Three Branded Categories of Vehicles to Shop (Value Line, Jim Butler Certified, GM Certified Pre-Owned)

a jim butler sales associate handing over keys to a couple in front of their new car


18% increase in total retail sales volume

Linn, MO and St. Louis MO dealerships.

Jim Butler's pre-owned business grew,

thanks to Stealth’s awareness-driving creative messaging and strategic media placements.

Looking to take a bold leap with your creative messaging? Or maybe you just want to shake things up a bit? Stealth Productions can help! Let’s get started today.

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The branded used car division of the St. Louis and Mid-Missouri regions’ top-selling Chevy dealer, Jim Butler Pre-Owned Powerhouse offers a wide selection of vehicles—from value-line imports to Certified Pre-owned Cadillacs—along with a hassle-free, web-driven buying experience