Laughter As Medicine

It’s essential in business to relieve tension. Tension can crop up in many ways. It might show itself in the sales process, or in delivering a product or solution. It might even occur if you have not been paying attention to a valued client or customer.

Thankfully tension can be relieved quickly with one simple thing: Laughter.

How does laughter relax us?

Laughter ends up being our sixth sense – the “sense of humor.” 

Laughter has the tendency to dissolve things like tension, objections and the types of emotions that weigh us down. Even the Bible talks about laughter being “better than medicine.” It takes us back to childhood, where the weight of the world was not on our shoulders.

Science teaches us that laughter helps integrate both hemispheres of the brain. You can use laughter to help the analytic get in touch with their creative side and vice versa.

This doesn’t mean you have to learn a stand-up routine, especially if that’s not your strong suit. But, make it a point to be on the lookout for the “sublime” elements in life, and be ready to share those. Some of the funniest things in life are derived from the mundane.