4 Reasons Marketing Fails

No one likes to contemplate the topic of failure, but understanding what contributes to failure can be a great way to steer clear of it. There are more than four reasons why marketing may fail, but these four seem to stand out in stark contrast to success.

1) Lack Of A Systematic Approach

Best practices and experience matters. Replicating results requires putting a system in place that will behave and perform as expected. The right procedures and process will make the tweaking required for each campaign much more efficient to execute.

The approach is defined by successful experience. You can adopt an existing approach, or create your own through careful testing.

2) Wrong Market Focus

Choosing the wrong market is one of the primary reasons for a lack of results. Make sure you work with someone who can identify your target demographics, and who performs the kind of strategic research that finds the windows of opportunity.

It’s imperative that you have an understanding of your ideal client/customer, have developed thorough personas and know how to reach out to your customers with the appropriate content to satisfy their pre-contact questions.

3) Poor Design Quality of Your System

Not only must a system exist, it must be designed correctly. Is the blend of marketing tools appropriate? Is micro-testing being conducted to protect your investment during the testing stage?

The power to reproduce a marketing result over time is found in the system. Create a system, test the system, improve the system, and the system will serve you well.

4) Lack of contact Frequency

Multiple touches are invariably required to achieve the highest conversion rate. Does the system have built-in tools to put those additional touches on the prospect? What happens after the lead is received?

Google says it now takes 10.4 touches on a prospect to generate a contact or purchase decision. This level of interaction requires a robust content marketing approach to be successful.

Not every marketing endeavor delivers a good ROI (return on investment). Improve your odds of getting it right by avoiding these four marketing killers.