Tolam Earth

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Starting Up a Marketplace Built for the Future of Corporate Sustainability

A startup Stealth Creative helped to brand from the ground up, Tolam Earth’s goal is to make the process of buying carbon offset assets as easy, trustworthy, and seamless as buying everyday products from Amazon or Etsy.

What Problem Were We Trying to Solve?

Demand for a credible, efficient and transparent platform for buying and selling carbon offsets at scale has never been higher. As a brand-new company, Tolam Earth needed branding, video assets and a website that would help them stand out from the competition and build trust with clients and partners in the sustainability investment industry.

What Was Our Approach?

Our team developed Tolam Earth’s brand identity, logos, design framework and tonal direction on an accelerated timeline, working together with members of the client team to ensure appropriate and industry-specific market messaging was included.

We created a clean and engaging explainer video to help Tolam launch their brand and appeal directly to organizations looking for resources to help supplement their environmental sustainability goals.

Stealth Creative also built a website that clearly explains their company purpose in further detail, link directly to the brand’s partners in the tech space and quickly engage with prospects on both the buying and selling sides of the market.

Tolam Earth is a digital marketplace for organizations and providers to identify, price, buy, and sell carbon offset assets within the sustainability-focused sectors of today’s economy.