How You Can Use Surveys To Guide Your Brand Marketing Decisions

Every good marketer knows that they must look at industry trends and consumer insights to drive their brand research. However, the process of gathering data to guide your marketing decisions can be pretty intimidating. And while formal focus groups with seasoned moderators can bring enormous insights to your brand positioning strategy, they also bring big price tags.

But don’t fear – the tech world has you covered! Your marketing budget can cover market research through a number of different survey platforms that are developed for those without HTML know-how. 

Each platform offers different packages, and most vary in what level of input you have to change aesthetic and usability of the survey itself. Some of our favorites, based on entry-level packages and ease-of-use:

Survey Monkey

  • Gold Package ($25/month): Unlimited questions/responses, custom themes, dynamic questioning, text analysis
  • Our Insight: This platform is easily the most familiar with online survey respondents and has responsive (mobile) functionality that isn’t available on some other platforms. It’s easy to use, which makes it a great starter for the new surveyor.

Google Forms

  • Single Option (Free): Unlimited surveys and respondents, can embed survey into emails or website
  • Our Insight: While the price tag is right, this platform does not allow for custom aesthetics, only theme options and a logo addition. You will not be able to create question branches within this system.

Survey Gizmo

  • Basic Package ($25/month): Video & Audio embeds, dynamic questioning, A/B testing
  • Our Insight: Consistent gold-star reviews shows that this platform is preferred to those who are really trying to raise the bar of their online surveying.

Think how much easier life will be to present marketing plans and campaigns with supporting data directly from your audience. Your survey list is probably already at your fingertips: past customers, current customers, prospective customers, employees. Each group has feedback for you that will help in course correction and planning. Use it to your business advantage!

Customers will tell you what you are doing right, and what can be improved upon. Employees most likely have ideas that don’t get elevated, not to mention can be surveyed on company satisfaction questions to help with employee retention.

Let’s survey!  

Download our free e-book to help you get your survey set up with recommendations on timing, anonymity and incentives. It even offers a question guide.

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So, see what your surveys say, and know we’re always available to discuss the results and any other marketing needs of your business.