The World Of Digital For A Midsize Telecommunications Operator

I would have a blast with telecommunications digital marketing if I owned a midsized telecom operation! The world would be my tomato, because local marketing is a huge advantage in digital.

Here are some of the questions I would ask myself …

  • What is going on locally in my community?
  • Can we create something that would be a resource to my community?
  • What could we do to bring my community together in the new virtual world?
  • What could we do that is useful or helpful?

You get the idea.

Once I have answers to the questions above, I would create an app that provided useful information to that community. Then I’d start acquiring email addresses. It doesn’t matter if they are from customers or not at this point. As you create a useful app, your prospects and potential prospects will begin by giving you contact information because you have created a useful service for them.

Social media and email blasts can begin distributing news of the app that you have created and the content within. Suddenly, they are coming to your site to check out the latest news on what to do around town, or check the weather, or whatever you choose to include within that app.

Now the contact data that you have collected can be imported into a database application that can automate, score, and deliver very specific news and offers to your prospects and current customers. Your prospects get offers for new services, and your current customers get retention offers, or news on programing and movies.

This may sound like a simple start, but remember that there are lots of ways to take a program like this to the next level. You can incorporate your advertising clients and distribute their offers as well. This would be an awesome start to your retention program.

The potential is limitless! Today’s digital environment exists to help you organize and filter messages and marketing. What exciting times for telecommunications digital marketing.

Photo Courtesy of cookie_cutter