Packaging: Your Make-or-Break First Impression.

Packaging is a powerful marketing tool. In an instant, it can win you a new customer. Or it can be the reason your product gets overlooked. But when it comes to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), success in the retail environment (and beyond) isn’t just about standing out from the crowd…

At Stealth Creative, our CPG partners benefit from thoughtful branding strategy and strong design execution. See for yourself:

Stealth Creative: Digital Expertise that Drives MORE: RESULTS

Whether it’s form-fills, signups, items in carts or outright sales, we can help you get more. (That’s what you get when you have a partner who’s invested in your success.)

See for yourself:

The Trick? Give Them the Full Brand Experience.

Customers will respond better when they can see the full “package.”

That means logos, colors and fonts all become elements that work together to make your product look super pro; it’s a harmonious display that reflects your brand identity.

And sometimes, it’s not all about flash. Brand ID should be informed by your overall marketing strategy—product positioning, target audience and other key factors we can help you to identify.

Is your brand showy? Subtle? Somewhere in between? Do you have ideas for the look and feel, but just haven’t nailed it yet? Stealth Creative can help you put it all together.

(We’ve helped build brands from their earliest stages before, and we can’t wait for each opportunity to do it again!)

Packaging Can Have More than One Job.

Sometimes, a dual-purpose packaging approach can communicate to your warehouse staff as much as your customers.

For example, our easy-inventory design solution was a big cost and time saver for Airhawk, with their lineup of motorcycle seat cushions:

a box packaging design for the air hawk comfort seating system

Over 70% of Americans Say Package Design Influences Their Purchases.

So, don’t count on the other 30-or-so percent to keep you afloat.
From nailing down branding strategy, to finding the perfect combination of packaging materials and design elements to fit your style (and budget)—Stealth Creative is ready for any challenge.

Why Stealth Creative should be your go-to packaging resource:
From launching a full-scale craft beer brand, to reviving a decades-old retail staple—Stealth Creative has worked CPG miracles in food & beverage, industrial supply, specialty products and more.

We’re not afraid to push the envelope at Stealth Creative. (Just check out some of our TV ads for proof!) But we’re equally excited when our partners collaborate with us to produce purposeful, on-strategy design.

We take pride in our work. But if something’s not working, we’ll take it back to the drawing board and work with you to get it right.

Stealth Creative has built relationships with trusted industry contacts to aid the production process—and our experience just knowing what works and what doesn’t will save you headaches!

Source: Ipsos

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