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To increase market share in those areas north of Seattle, Wave engaged Stealth to develop a variable-offer campaign for Wave that hit multiple target audiences in multiple markets. The creative had to resonate with both older and younger audiences, and also be flexible enough to efficiently promote two price points for different service areas. 

a post card with skydivers and the words your bucket list doesn't have limits


  1. Create a “Conquest” version for a market where with one primary competitor (Frontier) and an older target demographic.

  2. Create a “Broad-Stroke” version for all markets to appeal to all ages. 

What Was Our Approach...

In order to position Wave as a competitive option, we developed a versatile creative campaign that appealed to both older and younger audiences based on the idea of a “bucket list.” 

Using captivating visuals featuring people living life to the fullest, the work illustrates the benefits of speed, affordability and “freedom from a life of limits.” 

The creative layouts were designed with flexibility in mind, which allowed us to efficiently switch out different offer price points, depending on the target area. 

...And Why?

Your internet service should never slow you down. It should be a fast, affordable enhancement for your busy life. 

Plus, a “bucket list” is relatable! You can start checking it off at any age. This idea drives urgency, inspires action and is a great fit for the lively WAVE brand. 


The Direct Mail portion exceeded expectations

performing as well as or better

than Wave’s usual mailings to already softened markets.

The campaign

drove sales boosts

in both the conquest/small market and overall market portions of the project.

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Wave Broadband is a Cable, Internet and Telephone provider based in the Northwest with a footprint spanning San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle. Wave and competitor Frontier are the only Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in a small number of markets north of Seattle.