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Wahl spends less on advertising than its competitors, yet still expects to receive robust editorial coverage.

Crazy, right!? Nah. Not when your Account, PR and Media team-trifecta is this passionate about the industry…

silver 100yr anniversary wahl clipper

What Was Our Approach…

Increasing share of voice in a very noisy, trend-driven industry is hard, even for an American icon.

So, our team wore out their hooves at tradeshows…

Maintained a rigorous press release schedule…

Leveraged healthy relationships with influencers…

And obsessively probed for editorial inroads and submissions to the industry’s top publications.

...And Why?

Because sometimes, it takes good, ole-fashioned connections and persistent networking to stay relevant—even when your customer base is as dedicated as WAHL Pro’s.


Nearly 900% increase

in Wahl Professional story placements since we began actively engaging with the media

79 earned story placements throughout the year

Solidified many new media and trade connections for WAHL

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Since they invented the first practical electric clipper way back in 1919, WAHL Professional has been “America’s Clipper Company.” And we’re pretty clean-cut about taking charge of their PR and Digital Marketing Efforts. (We never let them fade out, even if the competition gets hairy.)