ViaWest approached Stealth to develop a “transformative” data center tour experience that weaves in product offerings and offers a uniquely holistic, customer-centric approach in an impactful, yet unexpected way.

The goal was to highlight ViaWest as innovative experts in IT and data, delivering a comfortable and compelling experience through a high level of interactivity.

What Was Our Approach…

We used the concept of “Transformation” as the main theme behind our strategy and tone. This idea of looking at everything differently is the core of the experience. There’s unexpected discovery at every stage of the experiential tour.

verb trans·form \tran(t)s-’form\

a : to change in composition or structure

b : to change the outward form or appearance of

c : to change in character or condition

d : to change the very nature of business


different via west concepts for the client to choose from

...And Why?

Technology supports the tour experience from beginning to end. Screens and interactivity are concealed so that moment of discovery becomes a compelling reason for the client to stay focused and absorb the key messaging. Every moment of interactivity is designed to showcase ViaWest’s solution and services in a tangible way.

Through focused, forward thinking, Stealth developed not one, but four possible directions that the tour experience could become. This allowed ViaWest to discover a “transformative” experience—just as their clients would while walking through!

Want to Learn More?

Good experiential marketing generates a tactile response you just can’t get out of other mediums. Let Stealth come up with some cool, interactive ideas for you! Contact us now.

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Prior to merging with Peak 10 and becoming Flexential, ViaWest was a catalyst for the transformation of Hybrid IT data center solutions—spanning cloud, colocation, managed solutions and more.