Southwest Missouri Bank

Southwest Missouri Bank wanted to consolidate their digital efforts under one vendor who could manage all their campaigns efficiently, make recommendations on new tactics and provide clear and concise reporting. 

Examples of web display banners designed by Stealth for Southwest Missouri Bank

What Was Our Approach…

Stealth took full control over the SMB’s digital process—from planning, to buying, to optimizing, to reporting and reconciling. 

With our in-house digital media buying department now handling all aspects of digital strategy for our client, we eliminated the cumbersome web of outside-agency contacts. Now, smooth communication, trust, efficiency and effective results are the key benefits we bring to SMB.

The tactics used include search campaigns, video pre-roll, programmatic ad buys and OTT (“Over the Top” TV).


Stealth reduced the client CPM by 25%

which resulted in more impressions, clicks and website visits for the client.
We introduced an OTT campaign for the bank to compliment all the other tactics already in place, furthering their reach.
The reporting we provide to the client is timely and clear and concise, which has helped to enhance communication and efficiency.
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Founded in 1979, Southwest Missouri Bank is the largest locally owned community bank in Southwest Missouri. With 11 full-service branches, a Home Loan Center, more than 40 ATMs and an easy online experience, SMB is dedicated to helping their customers and communities grow and prosper every day.