Madison Mutual


Madison Mutual was looking for ways to increase opens and clicks on the newsletter they emailed to policyholders every other month.

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 What Was Our Approach…

We got technical, segmenting their email newsletter list by state and by individual policies, and therefore tailoring content more specifically to each recipient.

...And How?

Stealth incorporated hero images reflective of the content going to each policyholder, whether it was focused on home, auto or both.

We added surprising and interesting factoids about each state to make the content feel more personalized.

We also built a CTA section in each email that gives policyholders insight into products they are currently not signed up for and pushes them to contact an agent.


Opens went up 36% and clicks up 250%

We saw significant increases

in both compared to previous sends without segmenting and tailored content

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Madison Mutual is an insurance provider who offers its products in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Wisconsin. They started in Madison County, IL in 1919 and since have grown to selling their product through 400 individual agents across their footprint.


  • Homeowners
  • Auto
  • Farmers
  • Umbrella