The “I Can” Campaign was a successful external facing creative campaign. Stealth helped leverage the enthusiasm for the campaign within internal messaging for Knology employees.

Knology employee-facing signage, print and digital collateral designed around the I Can campaign

What Was Our Approach…

We created “I Can” statements to be employee-centric with messaging like, “I Can Do My Best” and “I Can Listen” as both a related statement and a reminder of how to personally connect with their customers. The name of this program was “CARE” or “Customer Attention Retention Everyday” which also served a reminder of that customer service goal.

...And Why?

  • Leveraging the existing “I Can” campaign that employees were already excited about was a seamless way to connect an internal marketing initiative

  • The acronym CARE was easy for employees to remember and reinforce their customer service goals

  • Break room posters, flyers, table tents & internal emails all supported the CARE program


Throughout this campaign employees embraced the mantra of :

“CARE” and “I Can”

even making their own statements on everything from cakes to snow angels. 

Knology logo

Knology is a telecommunications provider with a footprint in North Dakota and the Southeastern US. In 2012 they merged into WOW! Communications.