Joplin Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

Joplin has so much to offer to visitors, from its vibrant downtown full of restauranteurs and artists to its nearby access to excellent outdoor adventures like hiking, camping and fishing. Time to get the word out to travelers! 

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What Problem Were We Trying to Solve?

The CVB was struggling to bring enough new visitors to their website,, to justify their digital ad spend. Money was spread out across a couple of vendors, and we found that across all their digital ad campaigns they could be getting more bang for their buck. (And a therefore, more happy campers, diners and art lovers.)

What Was Our Approach…

We knew that the only way to be sure that Joplin’s destination experts were getting optimal results was for Stealth to gain full control over the process—from planning, to buying, to optimizing, to reporting and reconciling.

Stealth is fully equipped with a digital media buying desk that fully rounds out our Media Department, manned by a 20-year veteran Digital Strategist and a savvy support team.

We’re able to provide digital media buying across the Internet and social media platforms, so Joplin CVB could now use us as their main source for marketing in this crucial space, rather than depending on multiple digital agencies or platforms.

...And Why?

Two reasons:

  1. We want to be the most effective partner we can be for our clients.
  2. Since we know our clients, we can run the show better for them than any outside vendor could.

That means more trust, efficiency and peace of mind for our friends in Joplin—and no web of outside-agency contacts for them to keep track of.


  • After implementing digital campaigns in Q1 and Q2 for Joplin CVB, we compared the results to the same timeframe the previous year—which was prior to our takeover of all planning and buying:
  • Stealth reduced the client CPM by 40%
  • With the same budget as preceding year, we delivered an additional 1.2 million impressions
  • We produced 1,400 more clicks to the client website than prior year #VisitJoMo
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Reduced the CPM

by 40%

An additional

1.2 million impressions


1,400 more clicks to the client's website than prior year

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Joplin Missouri’s Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is a not-for-profit organization that is home to Joplin’s “destination experts.” The CVB offers complimentary services, including arranging site tours, checking hotel and meeting space availability and connecting visitors to local attractions.