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RCN was embarking on a major brand refresh, in order to improve rapport with their customer base and attract new sign-ups. With the logo, brand colors, brand platform and brand messaging all changing, the rebrand’s success first hinged upon the support and buy-in from RCN’s own employees.

RCN branding booklet showing tshirt and hat designs as well as CDs

What Was Our Approach…

Stealth developed a personalized letter that was sent to every employee from the RCN President. It also included a DVD of new brand TV spots, along with a booklet highlighting the new RCN brand platform.

...And Why?

Change in any organization can be scary. By sharing the strategy for the rebrand with employees in advance of going to market, they would understand the reasons for the changes, and in turn, support the rebrand.


Employee morale soared, which helped ensure the rebrand was a huge turning point for RCN in terms of sales and fresh perception of the company from the customer’s point of view.

Happier employees led to happier customers.

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RCN provides high-speed internet, digital cable TV and home phone service plans in the New York City,

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