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Friendship Village needed help explaining their unique product offering “Life Care” to their employee base, in order to bring more consistency, understanding and internal pride to the organization.

What Problem Were We Trying to Solve?

Friendship Village differentiates by operating on the “Life Care” model, which keeps their seniors’ living costs steady and predictable, no matter how much future health care they may need. For many, Life Care is a superior solution for senior living—but the concept is complicated and there is confusion about what it is and why it is superior, even among Friendship Village employees. Similar to a long-term life insurance policy, there are a lot of factors and scenarios that come into play when describing the Life Care program.

What Was Our Approach…

We broke “Life Care” down with a simple, graphic-based animated video that Friendship Village can easily circulate among their employee base. Using easily digestible messaging, fun animations and clearly explained example scenarios to illustrate the program, new hires and veteran employees alike are now empowered with crucial knowledge of their own Life Care product.

...And Why?

Sometimes, it’s easier to show someone than tell them—and our video is the best of both worlds! Having already achieved success in terms of sales goals using similar, consumer-facing tactics, we knew an explainer video would translate well to an internal audience.

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Friendship Village has relayed positive feedback from leadership and employees that are excited to have a

simple, "go-to" source of crucial information for training purposes.

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A St. Louis-area senior living staple for more than 40 years, Friendship Village offers all levels of care—from independent living to skilled nursing—on both of their campus locations.