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Dalechek had opened their office in a new location and wanted to promote themselves. They had not done any previous marketing using an agency.

Dalechek Technology Group lit wall sign

What Was Our Approach…

Brand awareness was limited, brand outreach activity was limited, brand engagement was light. These needed to be addressed in order to help them grow.

…And Why?

Stealth refined Dalechek’s brand positioning to elevate awareness; we provided help with their new office open house event, with office signage, invitations, premium items, and even computer wallpaper. We also conducted “social media 101” training for their employees. 


Dalechek had a successful open house

and Stealth continued to work with them on a retainer to help them continue to grow their business.

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Suddenlink Business provides business internet and Dalechek provides custom IT solutions on a project basis, as well as IT as a Managed Service. Dalechek has enjoyed success, but wanted to ratchet up marketing efforts to accelerate growth. servies to their business customers.