Stealth was tasked with redesigning the ageing CTVBEAM.com—and we were well into the development phase when we gave the client a first look at the approved design comps brought to life. But something wasn’t quite right. We weren’t getting far enough away from the “technologically antiquated” feel of their previous home page design.

the BEAN website on a laptop sitting on a table in the living room

What Was Our Approach…

Take a step back and bring in fresh minds to ensure the site immediately and impactfully displays the value of BEAM services.

After brainstorming and working collaboratively with the client, our solution was to drop in a branded video in the homepage header area that would run continuously a loop, so site visitors would immediately be greeted with stronger messaging and branding that better represents this community-focused provider.

...And Why?

Because BEAM is such an important contributor to the East Alabama region, we knew we could run with that as an immediate differentiator on their website, and quickly establish an emotional connection with potential customers.


Not only has the redesign given BEAM a website that looks modern and better represents who that are as a company

it's resulted in a 51% increase in page views and a 23% increase in users!

CTV BEAM logo (Acronym: Cable TV - Bringing East Alabama More)

CTV BEAM (Cable TV of East Alabama, recently rebranded to BEAM— “Bringing East Alabama More”) is a long-standing telecom client of Stealth’s. BEAM is a veteran-owned and highly community-oriented company, dedicated to giving back to their region contributing to many local organizations and touting service as a cornerstone of their brand.