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Because of stagnant results, Cardinal Scale was unhappy with the state of their paid search efforts. They needed to increase their web-driven leads to sell more industrial truck scale products.

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What Problem Were We Trying to Solve?

With such a specialized, high-dollar product, it takes relatively few successful conversions each year for Cardinal to justify their digital marketing spend. But they were only getting one or two form-fills per month, far off their goal of at least five per month. Something was clearly missing from the equation. It was clear Cardinal was spending too much money for too little return.

Their Challenge to Stealth:

Increase the conversion rate while maintaining the same search campaign budget!

What Was Our Approach?

Start from scratch strategically, optimize performance through high-touch service—and don’t forget to address the basics.

After hearing Cardinal’s pain points, it was clear that a more cohesive search marketing strategy was needed. Rather than taking a “set it and forget it” approach, we assessed their web presence holistically and initiated many small changes that made a big difference. 

And knowing how crucial transparency and accessibility is to the relationship, we maintained regular communication and status reports with the client. 


  • Keyword and web presence refinement

  • Implementation of multiple search campaigns

  • Continued campaign optimization with clear reporting provided


Stealth refined the campaign’s keywords to better target potential customers and eliminate waste. We initiated a brand awareness strategy to make sure Cardinal Scale showed up wherever their competitors were. Throughout the engagement, we continued to monitor and optimize the inputs that performed best. 

And by taking some simple steps to improve their overall web presence (such as updating their website’s landing page and Google My Business profile), we greatly enhanced the likelihood that Cardinal would appear in relevant searches. 


Previous Campaign


Average Form-Fills Per Month

Stealth Results


Average Form-Fills Per Month—That’s a 450% Increase!

Form-fills averaged nine per month—up from the one or two per month they were generating from their previous campaign.

Cardinal Scale now benefits from a relationship with their digital marketing experts that’s built on trust, communication, sound strategy—and heavyweight results!

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Founded in 1950 in Webb City, Missouri, Cardinal Scale manufactures and markets a complete line of quality weighing products and systems. Cardinal offers the widest selection of truck scale applications available from one source, and their expertise in industrial and heavy-duty scales is widely acknowledged across the industry.