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Butler Manufacturing sells its buildings through a network of approximately 800+ builders in four regions throughout the US and Canada (Central, East, West and Canada).

Butler enlisted Stealth to help develop sales support for their builder-partners, and thereby sell more Butler buildings. The objective: provide the builders with market intelligence, help them identify areas of growth and successfully prospect for new customers.

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What Was Our Approach…

To deliver this information directly to builders, Stealth developed the current iteration of the Active Market Report (AMR) system, which rolls out to all regions Butler serves three times a year (spring, summer, fall).

AMR Process:

Butler provides Stealth with a researched list of Kinds of Businesses (KOBs) that they would like each region to focus their efforts on for the quarter

  • Stealth cleans, formats and uploads all prospects and Butler-supplied data into the AMR’s designated website
  • The KOBs, SICs, established region data and additional criteria are used to develop prospects
  • Those prospects and Butler-supplied data to map out builders, regions and districts are cleaned and formatted by Stealth and uploaded into the AMR website
  • Copy is written for four regional letters and thirteen district reports, then uploaded to the AMR website
  • Butler area managers go into the system and make selections of which prospects go to which builders


The builders are encouraged to use the market intelligence and the prospect list to develop leads. The list can be used for direct mail and for lead generation through telemarketing.

Butler offers a program called iConnect, which lets builders use funds for marketing and lead-generation. With Stealth’s telemarketing capabilities, we often receive requests to telemarket the AMR prospect list for warm leads.


This has led to large construction opportunities for Butler builders-including a lead we uncovered for Rainwater Construction,

which was a job worth over $1M

Because the AMR report and prospects bring so much value to the builders, Stealth Creative is the exclusive producer of the report on behalf of Butler Manufacturing.

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Butler Manufacturing is a multi-million dollar company focused on providing high-quality commercial and industrial metal building systems. They offer creative and experienced design, manufacturing and marketing services for commercial and industrial metal building systems.