Archlogix was in the early stages of developing a technician-focused communication and job site tracking application called “Virtual Supervisor.” Having already started developing the app within an MVP (minimal viable product) methodology, Archlogix requested Stealth’s assistance in overall UX flow, design and prototyping for the core application, backend dashboard and marketing website.

phone and computer screen with connected dots and location icons coming out from behind it on a blue map

What Was Our Approach…

Working in direct collaboration with Archlogix’s talented producers and developers, Stealth focused on the app’s UX design flow. From rough wireframes to semi-functional mock-ups, the design phase went through multiple focus group testings to hone the final customer-facing application. During the entire process, Stealth took an agile approach to remain efficient and stay within a tightly monitored allotment of hours.


Mobile UX Design:
Using the initial MVP direction provided by Archlogix at the start of the project, Stealth was able to assist and expand the flow of the mobile application. The design itself stayed within common app standards for easy implementation to both Android and Apple devices—and to ensure ease of use while on a job site.

Backend Dashboard Design and Template Development:
An additional desktop dashboard design was developed in conjunction with the mobile app to help administer techs and run reports from an office location. Stealth designed the dashboard UX and developed the initial template files for Archlogix to implement within their proprietary system.

Marketing Website Design and Development:
After the final round of mobile app testing, Stealth designed and developed a marketing website for the Virtual Supervisor application that could be administered by Archlogix’s staff.



The key to this partnership’s success was the environment of clear and open communication that the Stealth and Archlogix teams maintained. This allowed for concise changes to the flow of the application, all while providing the exacting assets required to build the many facets of the project.


Stealth worked within a tightly monitored amount of allotted hours in order to help manage scope creep, all while working within the evolving MVP development process.

Whether you need to improve the User Experience flow of your app or website–or just want to start over completely, Stealth’s savvy web team can help. Let’s talk UX now!


Archlogix is a leading, mobile-based provider of GPS work-management solutions that help workforces improve administration within their operations.