The life of a graduating advertising student is a stressful one.

Finals, papers and massive group projects dominate those precious last weeks. And through the middle of it all we’re expected to write cover letters, set up interviews and land internships?


“But that’s The Biz, bud,” I keep telling myself. Thicken up that skin, beef up that portfolio. Now is the time to hit the ground running and find an agency that (hopefully) likes the way my brain works and (hopefully) wants me on their team.

Luckily for me, I found Stealth Creative. Or rather, Stealth Creative found me.


Copywriters had it easy 40 years ago.

An amazing turn of phrase? Run with it. 

A concept stoked in vanity that was kind of in a way related to the product being marketed? Sure.

It was a free-for-all. As long as it sold, as long as it moved the profit needle, that’s all that mattered.

Then along came instant Big Data and all of its insights.