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WAHL Public Relations

Wahl Professional is the market leader of hair clipper and trimmer products for licensed professionals (stylists, barbers and students).


Shine as a Global Leader

Wahl Professional sought to increase sales of their 5-Star Series Shaver/Shaper. They also wanted to address issues with customer satisfaction, tool abandonment and returns that frequently resulted from improper use and misinformed technique. Wahl needed a single video that could showcase the Shaver’s versatility, educate on proper technique, and demonstrate proper care/maintenance. Lastly, Wahl wanted to maximize views of the video to end-users in a cost-effective manner.


“This video is taking us to the next level”


Strategic Insight

Knowledge is Power

  • Hair care professionals are visual learners who are most receptive when working in a “hands-on” environment.
  • To connect and convey industry credibility with the target audience, the chosen talent was a high-profile professional barber/stylist and educator.
  • In order to maximize video views and social engagement, a modest investment was made to promote the video -- with the expectation it would would pay big dividends.

Tactical Execution

Up Close and Personal

Stealth identified a visually engaging barbershop location that favored natural lighting to ensure an authentic feel. Stealth developed a video concept infused with personality and style that also aimed to simulate a hands-on experience for viewers. Extreme close-ups using an ultra-high-definition camera gave the audience an intimate view of the Shaver and other Wahl tools in action. Frequent use of slow-motion allows viewers to closely follow techniques — helping them to envision using the tools themselves.


Appealing to not just people,
but the right people

Wahl was very pleased with the finished 5-Star Shaver production: The client has said “This video is taking us to the next level.” Feedback in the comments section from Wahl Professional’s Facebook post were overwhelmingly positive. The paid social media boosting strategy drove exponential increases in the number of views, likes, shares, and comments compared to previous Wahl video posts.

Video Views


Video Likes


Video Shares


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