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Welcome to

Stealth Productions

This is where strategy, creativity and agility come together to drive results.

Our mantra: To make sure your message rings clear with your audience, differentiates you from your competitors and supports your business goals.

This is the where the execution of your marketing message comes to life:

Video: Marketing Movie Magic

Have you thought about using video to promote your brand?

Maybe you have used video—but are you getting the quality and results you’re really looking for?

Video can communicate information or emotion in ways that still images or words alone never could. It can disrupt the market and evolve your brand, just like these spots do for Jim Butler and Weekends Only:

Play Video
Play Video

What Stealth Productions Does:

TV Spots, Social Media, Digital Pre-Roll & OTT (Over the Top Advertising). Whether you have 5 seconds or 60, we’ll make the most of any digital or broadcast buy. 

We’re also well-versed in producing long-form Informational or instructional videos, like this Friendship Village building tour or WAHL promotional piece:

Play Video
Play Video

Audio: Theatre… of the Mind

You know how a song or sound can take you back 

to a certain place in your memory?

That’s the power of audio. 

You can drop your listener right into any universe you want, without the limits of video or animation budgets. When smart media and creative strategies are blended, you get some really serious reach.

Stealth’s audio capabilities go beyond radio, too.  

We can produce promotional or informational content for overheads, on-hold, in-store messaging and more.


Joplin Studio Saint Louis Studio

Want a Glimpse BEHIND the Scenes?

Of course you do, or you wouldn’t have read this far. From Writer, to Art Director, to Creative Director, to Videographer, to Editor—we all take on the responsibility of being your trusted Producer.




You Give Us Request
& Budget Constraints

You Pick Concept(s)

You Sign-Off on Costs

Stealth Develops Script
& Storyboard Concepts

Stealth Presents
Concepts to You

Stealth Estimates
Production Costs


You Sign-Off
on Recommendations

Stealth Schedules Production
Dates, Talent, Props, etc.

Stealth Shoots/Records
and Edits


You Provide Feedback &
Request Changes

You Give Final Approval

Stealth Sends Edit
for Review/Feedback

Stealth Makes Changes and
Sends Revised Edit Back

Stealth Traffics Creative or
Delivers Final Files to You

The Stealth Productions Difference:

And… Action

A solid production team is the engine that drives a smooth-running brand.
Ready to see where Stealth Productions can take your message?

(Can’t hurt to ask, right?)

Fill out the form below—we can’t wait to put pen to paper with you!

Joplin MO, Office

1027 S. Main Street
Ste 501
Joplin, MO 64801

Saint Louis HQ

1617 Locust St.
Saint Louis, MO 63103

Stealth Creative Office Map St. Louis and Joplin Locations

Saint Louis HQ

1617 Locust St.
Saint Louis, MO 63103

Joplin MO, Office

1027 S. Main Street, Ste 501
Joplin, MO 64801