Puddle Jumping With Mindy: Lessons From Tiger Woods

A couple of weeks ago, the PGA held their 100th Championship in St. Louis. The entire community took on a festive atmosphere with the Goodyear Blimp overhead and busses ferrying spectators to and fro.

Every one was happy! I think the word went out somehow if we were grouchy this might be the last chance for St. Louis.

Like a lot of things that happen to me, someone suggested this might be fun, and just like that I was an official marshal in an official PGA tournament. Someone close to me signed me up a year in advance, and I really didn’t even think about it for at least 9 months. But then, as the date approached, I was apprehensive, and at times downright scared!

Uniforms, Training & Tiger

And, I was going to have a uniform! Great. Get in line with 4,000 other people to pick it up. I began getting more apprehensive. What was happening to me?!

Training was next. I missed it.

“It will be simple,” said hubby, who was extremely excited about the opportunity to be a marshal! The official marshal training book was never far from his hands. He would go through the training and then train me. Perfect. To be honest, it was pretty easy. And many people surrounded me who were taking this task very seriously…maybe a bit too seriously.

The day approached, and we arose very early to get to our specific parking lot to bus to our appointed spots in our UNIFORM! We then walked many miles to our assigned positions to begin our specific tasks among thousands of people. Tens of thousands of people crushing to get close to the specific golfer they were following.

Who was Tiger. They were all following Tiger.

I am a huge Tiger fan myself. Some call me obsessive, and many ask me why – especially women. “Why, in this era of #METOO? How could you?” they ask. I always am thoughtful, but truthfully, I can’t figure it out either.

Or at least I couldn’t until the PGA Championship came to my town, and I saw I wasn’t alone.

Here’s What I Learned from Tiger

Having the marshal job gave me two opportunities:

  1. Get up close to these pro golfers, who are mostly young, by the way.
  2. Have tons of time to think – and to connect dots.

These golfers are super-focused and intent – and the worst among them is still great! And they are also hopeful. And driven. In that way, I am like them.

But why is Tiger different than the rest? What makes people pull for him no matter what? What makes me identify with him?

He symbolizes to me what I wish more people had in all walks of life: A determination and passion to find a way. A way to pull it off. A way to make it work.

No matter how many fairways he missed – and he missed a lot, by the way – he would pull out the next shot, which would be amazing. It would land, giving him an edge to make that birdie or par. He just never gave up. Never. No matter what mistake he made – and I am referring to golf here, but I do love the symbolism.

I don’t know him personally, but I believe and hope that that determination and passion are his uniqueness. Regardless of his mistakes, he can ‘come back’ – on and off the golf course.

Applying These Lessons to Business

That’s why I identify with him as a small business owner, who happens to make mistakes once in awhile, too, and lead people who also make mistakes.

We might not make mistakes like Tiger – and they might not be so public – but look at his determination. We can rise and succeed, no matter what life throws us – just like Tiger Woods.

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