Puddle Jumping With Mindy: Why We’re Going ‘Off the Radar’

When brainstorming a blog name, there are thousands of ideas that come to mind. The most important aspect to remember is staying true to your brand. Yes, even blogs have a brand image.

So what is Stealth’s brand image? Here’s the definition:


1. cautious and surreptitious action or movement; “the silence and stealth of a hungry cat”

2. designed in accordance with technology that makes detection by radar or sonar difficult; “a stealth bomber”

When I named Stealth Creative there were two aspects I used to help justify the name:

1. When you think of ‘stealth’ you think caution.

By no means are we cautious in our ideas. We’re bold and brave like the Stealth bomber itself. But when it comes to our work, caution is taken when magnifying every little detail to ensure Stealth puts its client’s best foot forward to best enhance and highlight their brand image.

We are meticulous and calculated. We are cautious as we work with our client’s brands. We take our role seriously. We research and plan, get approval and take action. Once we commit to action, we go quickly and boldly – but everything starts with a plan.

2. We don’t bask in the limelight. We give our clients all the credit.

When our clients do well, we do well. We do guerrilla marketing, web design and development, video, TV, social media – anything our client needs. We meet their expectations. We are “Stealthy” behind the scenes, working for our client to help their brand shine and compete in their market.

We are almost always working with challenger brands who are going up against bigger competitors with a higher budget. We’re flexible at and diligent in the work we produce. We take pride in the way we serve our clients. Our clients know our work and service speaks for itself with the quality of what we do for them.

Bold isn’t always the center of attention, bold is revolutionary. Bold is boundary-breaking. Bold is breaking the mold. Bold is going against the grain. Stealth is bold – and so are our clients.

So now for the name you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve rebranded our blog to reflect who we are and to unify Stealth’s brand as a whole. After all, being bold requires you to make changes.

It also comes great responsibility. Our name is Stealth; so how do we stay undercover while revealing valuable insights?

Drumroll please… We’re going Off the Radar.

The second definition of ‘stealth’ refers to technology that makes detection by radar or sonar difficult. In fact, radar is used to indicate that someone or something has or has not come to the attention of a person or group.  It’s also a system to detect the presence of objects – a signpost that helps gives direction.

Off the Radar is the beacon to follow in the sea of endless content. We’re humble in our approach and are granting you an inside look into the mind of a Stealth agency. One that’s success is in its clients and brand is in its people.

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