Case Study



RCN Rebrand Campaign

RCN provides high-speed Internet, digital TV and phone services to Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington DC.



A Second Chance with Consumers

Market research revealed key problem areas with the RCN Cable customer experience. RCN corrected the issues by upgrading infrastructure and customer service, but they needed a strategy to get people to take another look at the new, improved RCN.

strategic insight

Double the Strategy

Stealth developed a two-part strategy to shout all the great improvements that RCN made, followed by launching a brand new look and feel for the company. The entire brand was refreshed to signal positive change and distance the brand from past negative baggage.

Tactical Execution

A Whole New Look

Stealth recreated the face of RCN and developed new messaging, then launched an integrated multi-media campaign (TV, radio, outdoor, print) to build awareness and used online and direct mail campaigns to promote response.


Highest Connect Rate

Dramatic results, including:

  • Net Promoter Score from -9 to +2
  • The first full-year net gain in RCN history
  • Highest connect rate in 3 years
  • Two thirds of current RCN customers expressed awareness of product and service improvements

Net Promoter Score


Connect Rate Highest in Years


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