Case Study

CTV Rebrand


CTVEA Brand Refresh Campaign

Cable TV of East Alabama had always been known as the cable company across the Eastern Alabama region. The company pioneered the development of Internet, cable, and phone to residents across a rural area. For decades, Cable TV of East Alabama went unchallenged by competition.


Changing Brand Perceptions

CTVEA was perceived as a monopoly due to the lack of competitors in the area. Moreover, some residents considered CTVEA’s products regressive and outdated. To complicate matters, global telecom giant, AT&T, announced their entry into the Eastern Alabama region — poised to challenge Cable TV of East Alabama head to head. CTVEA needed to protect its market share and the first step was to change the public perception of CTVEA as ‘outdated’ and a ‘monopoly’ in the face of deep-pocketed competition.


Changing the perception of a decades-old company usually takes time, but Stealth was able to guide public opinion shortly after unveiling the new look and tone.

Strategic Insight

Adapting with the Times

After a brand evaluation, it became clear that CTVEA was, in fact, a technology progressive company; a crowded and outdated logo in tandem with a company name that emphasized ‘cable television’ was contributing to the public perception that CTVEA offered lackluster products. If they were to compete with AT&T, they needed to project a more sophisticated, tech-forward image and had to distance themselves from the negatives commonly associated with ‘monopolistic' cable TV operators.

Tactical Execution

Bringing East Alabama More

Through complete collaboration between Stealth and CTVEA, brand pain points and strengths were identified. In-depth analysis boosted direction and purpose for the rebrand which resulted in a new, modern logo including a shorter name: CTV. Shortening the logo to CTV and dropping the ‘cable’ label immediately broadened their appeal. Moreover, the technology-forward “BEAM” emerged as a descriptor of CTV’s products but also stood for the new tagline: Bringing East Alabama More.


Beaming into the 21st Century

A new clean/modern CTV logo and a strong product descriptor of BEAM helped change the public perception from a 20th Century Cable Company to a 21st Century Telecommunication provider.

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