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Absopure Home Delivery Marketing Campaign

Absopure Natural Spring Water can be found in 50 states but only offers direct delivery to homes and offices in select Midwest markets.


Elevating a Brand to Create Demand

Absopure wanted to increase home delivery sales in St. Louis to augment their wholesale business. To accomplish this, they needed to elevate their brand profile to generate demand.

Strategic Insight

Appealing to not just people, but the right people

Unlike some of Absopure’s legacy markets, St. Louis tap water quality is high, so bottled water delivery service is more of a luxury than a necessity. So, audience targeting became a critical factor in our strategy.

Tactical Execution

The right target and the right execution

The right target: Stealth identified affluent St. Louis neighborhoods with higher disposable incomes. Then, postal carrier routes were overlaid to create the optimal mailing strategy to take advantage of the USPS “Every Door Direct Mail” program — which offers the most attractive postal rates.

The right execution: Stealth combined refreshing product shots with upscale lifestyle imagery to connect with the affluent, health-minded target audience. Additionally, Stealth created mailbox stopping power by using an over-sized, two-sided, fullcolor mail piece, printed on high-quality paper.


Appealing to not just people, but the right people

Brand Awareness in Key Geographies: 76,000 households reached at less than $0.25 per household

Lead Generation: 119 qualified leads at a cost of $157 per lead

Happy Client: so pleased with St. Louis results, they extended approach to other markets

Households Reached


Cost per household


Qualified leads


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