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An hieroglyph depicting how digital marketing can be like a foreign language
August 1, 2013 Stealth Writer

Can Your Account Executives Really Talk Digital Marketing?

by: Mike Kleckner I find it increasingly important to have a basic understanding of digital marketing language. I’m not saying you have to know how to code using HTML, but at least understand what i
A ladder depicting how seo rankings can climb with latent semantic indexing
July 23, 2013 Brian Reinhardt

Using LSI for Better Search Engine Placement

My first “real” job out of college was as a search engine copywriter (according to my parents, being a full-time cashier at what used to be Borders doesn’t count). At first, I couldn’t believe
Two people shaking hands, symbolizing an intern starting a new job
July 18, 2013 Brian Reinhardt

4 Steps All Interns Should Know to Get that Job Offer

I’ve worked a wide range of jobs in my career as a member of the American workforce. From movie theaters to restaurants, colleges to ad agencies, I’ve seen even the best intentioned part-time empl
A movie camera filming a scene on a movie set
July 8, 2013 Brian Reinhardt

What The Movies Teach Us About Advertising

I love movies. As a self-styled “cinemaniac”, I tend to see the world in a different way. For me, Steve Martin summed it up all so nicely in Grand Canyon when he said to Kevin Kline, “All of lif
A computer screen thrown into a body of water, which is akin to how many people feel about display advertising
June 14, 2013 Brian Reinhardt

Why You Shouldn’t Downplay Display Advertising

In my experience as a PPC analyst, mentioning the words “display” and “content network” often induce (often humorous) looks of cringe or disgust on the face of clients who have yet to try it.
Professional development is a sure-fire way to increase morale
June 4, 2013 Ken Jeffries

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Skimp on Professional Development

I call myself a Controller, not a CFO and not a money man. My kids think this fits me perfect at work since they call me a control freak. To them, a Controller is a control freak. Some of my skills ar

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