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old phone
September 6, 2013 Mindy Jeffries

Telecommunications Marketing: Then and Now

My intent is to examine the history of telecommunications marketing in a blog series so we telecom marketers can all have an appreciation of the jobs we have today, and the products and marketing sol
A peaceful, resting, relaxing child
August 30, 2013 Stealth Writer

Account Executives and the Art of Relaxing

Take a step back. As an account executive, it’s very easy to get caught up in the high volume of work. With tight timelines, it’s not uncommon for your focus to transition from ‘doing what is ri
A press-release template optimized for electronic distribution
August 23, 2013 Brian Reinhardt

Why Isn’t Your PR Online Yet?

While press releases have been around since the Model A, there’s a quicker, smarter way to get your message to the masses while increasing your web traffic and social engagement through a little som
A snowy tv with a hand silhouette against it
August 15, 2013 Marie Schmich

Advertising to Cord Cutters

According to media research company, SNL Kagan , roughly 10% of cable TV viewers are expected to “cut the cord” by 2015. As a consumer, I’m probably pretty typical. I’ve kept my cable a long t
An envelope typically seen in direct mail campaigns
August 6, 2013 Stacy McNail

Are You Making These 9 Direct Mail Mistakes?

Our Print Production Manager, Stacy McNail, cracked her knuckles and laid down some pro-tips to help you avoid getting yourself or your direct mail program into hot water. Here are some of the glaring
An hieroglyph depicting how digital marketing can be like a foreign language
August 1, 2013 Stealth Writer

Can Your Account Executives Really Talk Digital Marketing?

by: Mike Kleckner I find it increasingly important to have a basic understanding of digital marketing language. I’m not saying you have to know how to code using HTML, but at least understand what i
A ladder depicting how seo rankings can climb with latent semantic indexing
July 23, 2013 Brian Reinhardt

Using LSI for Better Search Engine Placement

My first “real” job out of college was as a search engine copywriter (according to my parents, being a full-time cashier at what used to be Borders doesn’t count). At first, I couldn’t believe
Two people shaking hands, symbolizing an intern starting a new job
July 18, 2013 Brian Reinhardt

4 Steps All Interns Should Know to Get that Job Offer

I’ve worked a wide range of jobs in my career as a member of the American workforce. From movie theaters to restaurants, colleges to ad agencies, I’ve seen even the best intentioned part-time empl

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