The Leadership Team

Mindy Jeffries

Mindy Jeffries, President

November 1, 2008 was the biggest day of Mindy Jeffries’ professional life. That’s the day she decided the conventional agency model was broken and started Stealth.

Most people shirk at the thought of starting a business. But when you’ve won 25 awards for effective marketing and advertising for giants like AT&T, Charter Communications and TeleWest, confidence comes naturally.

Mindy’s deep expertise in brand strategy, customer retention, analytics and marketing operations has allowed Stealth – and our clients – to flourish.

The proud mother of four, Mindy starts her day at 6 a.m. by working out and ends it by reading a book on management (or knitting something for her granddaughter).

Dan_O 2

Dan O’Saben, Executive Creative Director

Dan O’Saben has done it all, making him a veritable renaissance man within the advertising industry.

His 30+ years of design experience has predictably led just as many client testimonials that consistently praise his ability to capture any audience’s imagination.

As Stealth’s Executive Creative Director, he helps mold every piece of creative to ensure it upholds Stealth’s lofty standards.

When he’s not thinking of a new direction to take from an artistic standpoint, he can be found at the ground floor of small clubs listening to bands you’ll hear of three years from now.


Dave Nimock, VP, Account Services

It’s uncommon to have the energy needed to be a client-facing executive manager for 25+ years — especially when some of those clients include household names like Verizon Wireless, Comcast, Charter Communications and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

But Dave Nimock isn’t a common individual.

As Stealth’s VP of Account Services, Dave serves as a mentor and manager for the account staff while bringing an abundance of strategic insights learned firsthand to guide agency resources for work that hit the mark: On time, every time.

A proud Mizzou alum, Dave is probably listening to the Hamilton soundtrack for the 4,297th time at this very moment.


Rob Fleming, Creative Director

Everyone has words to live by.

“Make it bleed with passion” are those of Rob Fleming, Stealth’s Creative Director.

Rob works most effectively at the heart of a project—that sweet spot where strategy, branding, creative, and interactive meet—and thrives on pitching new ideas while setting the standard for what people see.

With over 20 years of creative experience, he’s served as the award-winning visionary behind developing effective artistic direction, spanning from telecommunications, to retail, to agriculture and everything in-between.

In his (rare) free time, Rob can be found spending time with his family who are all avid* gamers.

* Intensely competitive

Chris Kirk, VP, Digital Strategy

Chris Kirk speaks multiple languages. Whether speaking to a creative director or a web developer, Chris is able to translate complex marketing or technology requirements and issues in a way that either can understand.

As VP of Digital Strategy, Chris serves as the bridge between the two worlds to ensure nothing is lost in translation and that the work ultimately meets the business and marketing objectives that were intended.

Chris has 20 years experience in digital marketing, product management, and product design. Chris’ employers and clients have included iconic brands like Wells Fargo, Wachovia, US Airways and TWA (R.I.P.).

When he’s not working, Chris enjoys playing golf, but rarely gets to because he has three children that participate in every activity known to man. Please send help.


Marie Schmich, VP, Media Director

Marie is equal parts eternal optimist, Excel sorceress and ruthless negotiator.

As Stealth’s VP, Media Director, she needs to be all of those—especially the last two.

Marie began her media buying career after graduating cum laude from St. Louis University. She has placed and planned every type of media imaginable since then for companies such as Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Wahl Professional, Weekends Only, RCN and many others.

She has a unique ability to maximize market impact, whether the budget is a few thousand dollars, or a few million.

When she isn’t teaching herself a new Excel formula, she can be found volunteering for the St. Louis Area Girl Scouts.


Laura Maly, VP, Marketing Strategy & Social Media

Most marketplaces are overcrowded with lengthy, complicated value chains.

As VP of Market Strategy & Social Media, Laura understands how to silence the competitive chatter allowing companies to effectively differentiate themselves.

With more than 20 years of marketing leadership, she specializes in forming communication and social media strategies with pristine thought leadership through integrated marketing campaigns.

When not crafting effective marketing strategies, Laura can be found at the piano singing to her favorite country tunes—a glass of bourbon within reach.