Making Sure Your Message Is Heard

An acquaintance commented to me that they thought the above statement was a bit odd for an advertising agency to embrace. After all, the product of what an ad agency creates shines a bright light on the message that a company or organization wants to communicate. It gets heard. The goal is for the right […]

Laughter is an instant vacation. Quote by Milton Berle.

Laughter As Medicine

It is essential in business to relieve tension. Tension can crop up in many ways. It might show itself in the sales process, or in delivering a product or solution. It might even occur if you have not been paying attention to a valued client, or customer. Thankfully tension can be relieved in several ways, […]

Busch Stadium in St. Louis at dusk

The (Business) Field of Dreams

I love the St. Louis Cardinals and they are going to the World Series, again!  That’s great news for a lot of us in the Midwest, especially for our office just down the road from Busch Stadium. All this World Series hype has me asking: Why am I such a fan? I realized one of […]

A photo of a black and white microscope

Are You Analyzing Your Own Brand?

In my last blog, I talked about branding things!  Things with which your customers interact!  “Things” is a little vague, so let’s clarify – your branded assets include things like: your office, trucks, people (uniforms), website. What about branding your product?  What are the stepping stones of branding your service that you’ll be delivering to […]

Two people shaking hands, symbolizing an intern starting a new job

4 Steps All Interns Should Know to Get that Job Offer

I’ve worked a wide range of jobs in my career as a member of the American workforce. From movie theaters to restaurants, colleges to ad agencies, I’ve seen even the best intentioned part-time employee or intern get passed over for minor transgressions when it came time to hire full time. With this in mind, there […]