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Mindy’s Memos: The Working Parent Circus Act

With back-to-school season upon us, I can’t help but flash back to the days of backpacks, sharp pencils and the first-day-of-school jitters. When I reflect on having young children, I can’t help but feel there is a critical person who gets lost in these annual weeks of stress: The working parent. My four children are […]

An array of video production lenses

Keep Your Business In Focus With Video

Stealth is excited to announce the addition of a new service for our clients. Over the summer, we designed and installed a new in-house video suite. Video is the direction online content is going. Today’s audiences demand video. It is a crucial marketing tool. Having an in-house suite allows us to partner with our clients […]

Busch Stadium in St. Louis at dusk

The (Business) Field of Dreams

I love the St. Louis Cardinals and they are going to the World Series, again!  That’s great news for a lot of us in the Midwest, especially for our office just down the road from Busch Stadium. All this World Series hype has me asking: Why am I such a fan? I realized one of […]

A photo of a black and white microscope

Are You Analyzing Your Own Brand?

In my last blog, I talked about branding things!  Things with which your customers interact!  “Things” is a little vague, so let’s clarify – your branded assets include things like: your office, trucks, people (uniforms), website. What about branding your product?  What are the stepping stones of branding your service that you’ll be delivering to […]

old phone

Telecommunications Marketing: Then and Now

My intent is to examine the history of telecommunications marketing in a blog series so we telecom marketers can all have an appreciation of the jobs we have today, and the products and marketing solutions in the fast paced environment we find ourselves. From the day I started in 1978 until today, one thing is certain […]