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So Many Social Media Platforms — What’s Right for Your Business?

By now, it shouldn’t be news to you that it’s important for your business to maintain an active presence on social media. In fact, customers expect you to.

Data shows that an active social presence strengthens consumer-brand relationships. Like the internet before it, the emergence of social media has reshaped the way businesses reach their audiences.

Today’s customers want to interact with you and engage with your brand. They’re more receptive to your messaging than ever — that is, as long you’re using the right channels to seamlessly reach your target audience.

But where should you start? And if you’ve already started, are you getting the results you hoped for?

With so many cornerstone social media platforms competing for share of voicehow are you supposed to know which will be the most effective tools to carry your specific brand messaging?

That’s what we’re here for.

The function of each unique platform may seem obvious at a glance. You may know about Facebook “likes” and Twitter “retweets.”

But have you taken the time to think about how your specific customers use social media, what platforms they’re using most and why?

We have.

That is exactly the point of our latest ebook:  Platform Breakdown: Getting Started with Social Media for Business.

Platform Breakdown: Getting Started with Social Media for BusinessWe hope you find it to be an educational and inspiring guide as you begin your journey into the world of social media for business. Or, if you’re not just starting out, referring to this guide might give you some ideas on how to refine and build upon your existing strategy.

Either way, we encourage and applaud your dedication to this critical, ever-changing and downright fun aspect of your overall marketing strategy.

Drop us your information, and we’ll drop a mini-wealth of social media knowledge on you.

Happy reading — and happy posting!

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